Robert A Williams

Driver, Chauffeur, Webmaster, Virtual Hosting, Wordpress Host, C1E, Chauffeur, Automotive

DRIVING, Hosting and More

Robert A Williams's Bio:

So far this year (May 2021) Robert has driven almost the same distance as the circumference of the planet Earth !! With over 35 years experience driving and in public facing environments Robert A Williams is now available for Chauffeur work to those that can afford it. Vehicle Movement work to those that are playing the car jockeying game pleasantly, and anything else in between If you want hosting for wordpress or anything else based in the UK and carbon offset with pretty much zero downtime then get in touch THANKS FOR READING

Robert A Williams's Experience:

  • Plated Driver at Yorkshire Vehicle Movements Ltd

    Moving all manner of vehicles, new, old, from place to place for corporate and small business. Working sub contracted to a smaller and far more amicable company, Yorkshire Vehicle Movements (YVML)

  • Sales & Marketing at Silly Billy's Toy Shop

    Sales and Marketing for Silly Billy's Toy Shop

  • Self Employed at RAW SEO

    Developing a small successful business, webhost on zero carbon UK servers

  • Driver at Self Employed

    A plated driver moving vehicles, if anyone comes across this and wants a personal driver then get in touch with me

  • Driver at G4

    Short term contracted to G4 and sadly I would not work for this company again as had no respect for drivers

  • Driver (Plated) at British car Auctions

    Plated driver and vehicle inspector. Responsible for delivering all sorts of vehicles to different locations and customers

  • Helpdesk Administrator at Mitsubishi (Nippon Gohsei UK)

    Covering and over seeing helpdesk activity for a corporate client at a protected site, including VPN, Microsoft Server Technologies, short term contract whilst a mass migration to Microsoft Platform taking place from older IBM platform.

  • Project Manager at cycle:recycle

    Managing a bicycle recycling project, bringing old bikes back to life

  • Lone Parent at Life

    Looking after, caring for and supporting three children and the property left to them by their mum after her tragic death. This will have been the most difficult challenge this lifetime. It is no mean feat being a bereaved parent and although some help has been had from family and friends it has been quite a battle on many levels, financially, emotionally and especially with regards to security and we are not out of the woods yet!

Robert A Williams's Education:

  • Middlesex University

    Concentration: Science and Technology Policy & Development Studies
  • Chichester College

  • Chichester High School For Boys

Robert A Williams's Interests & Activities:

Cars, people, the environment, playing fair, being nice.